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Boho Balayage services include but are not limited to French Balayage, Platinum Blonde touch-ups, complete color transformations, and Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments.

If you are in or near NYC, Ruxandra's collaboration with "Artist On The Go" grants her access to rental spots across Manhattan. Follow the GlossGenius App's prompts to visit her preferred location, Chris Chase Salon in Chelsea.

Last summer, Boho Balayage relocated from Williamsburg, BK, to Long Beach, NY. The new studio is private and designed for one-on-one sessions. To book a visit to Long Island, select "I Prefer A House Call" on the GlossGenius App and enter 47 Wisconsin St, Long Beach, NY

New Client Offer

Enjoy a complimentary bespoke trim with Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments for a limited time. Ruxandra is great with shags, long layers, detailed bangs, and face frames.

Hey Beautiful! Meet Ruxandra Vasilescu, The Hairstylist Behind Boho Balayage, Where Beauty Meets Natural Harmony and Confidence

Welcome to Boho Balayage Studio, where we celebrate an effortless and expressive approach to hairstyling, harmoniously resonating with your free-spirited, bohemian vibe.
I’m Ruxandra Vasilescu, the creative force behind this haven of self-expression.
With over two decades of experience in the beauty industry, primarily in NYC, I’ve honed my skills behind the chair and spa management. Specializing in hair color, I drew from years of dedicated practice in Manhattan’s trendsetting salons. However, discovering Cezanne, a transformative and safety-focused smoothing treatment, inspired me to become a Cezanne Artiste Educator.
In my tranquil and private studio, I’ve carefully crafted a space where you are not just another client but the focal point of an exclusive, tailored hair experience.

My passion spans a diverse spectrum of specialized services
  • French Balayage
  • Platinum Blonde Touch-Ups and Transformations
  • Promoting Scalp Wellness
  • Safe Smoothing Treatments
  • Creating organic, balanced, and manageable hairstyles

Client Testimonials

“I’ve done the cezanne treatment twice with Boho Balayage, it has perfect results for my long, thick, curly hair. My hair is normally is very dry, frizzy, and unpredictable in its curl pattern. The treatment softens my hair to smooth, easily manageable waves. I prefer this treatment over others because it retains volume, looks natural, takes no time to style, and doesn’t damage. Results for me last around 5 months. Ruxandra is very skilled, and made the experience so accommodating and pleasant!
Kashi Nanavati
“I absolutely adore Ruxandra!! I used to fly home to my old stylist since getting your hair done is such an intimate experience, but now, i have no need to go home. I’ve been to Ruxandra twice this year (2021) with another visit coming up. She does Balayage so well that it lasts for long enough to not be racing to get your roots done every 6 weeks. I show her inspo photos, but I always tell her to do what she thinks will suit me best, and I’ve never been disappointed leaving her place. She colors, glosses, and chops my hair to perfection. I’ve gotten my hair done both times in her home, and i love getting to pet her two kitties, watch Tv, or just gab with her through the process. She is such a genuine & fun person 2 be around— which is essential for someone you have to be at the mercy of for 2+ hours. The time flys by with her & i always leave feeling a million times better than when i arrived… she is practically therapy level self-care. 💞 Attached: photos of my hair freshly done (2x) by her & after a few months of growing out both times. I love it at any stage. She’s the best. Period."
Riley Kathleen Phillips
“Ruxandra’s work is AMAZING. I told her what I wanted and she suggested the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment was best and I would trust her any day with my hair. Her workspace is clean and cozy. What better way to get your hair done than watching Netflix and talking with someone who makes you feel at home! My hair is looking sleek, shiny, healthy and smooooth. 10/10. Definitely recommend!!!”
Mónica I. Álvarez Arteaga


In 2022, the One Shot Hair Awards garnered a staggering 300,000 entries from more than 80 countries, solidifying its status as the pinnacle of global hair recognition. I was privileged to be recognized in the top 25 Hot Shot Overall Transformation Category finalists.

New Client Offer

Enjoy a complimentary bespoke trim with Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments for a limited time. Ruxandra is great with shags, long layers, detailed bangs, and face frames.

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